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Sports & Games

The school has permanent courts to play Volley ball, Basket ball, Soft ball, Throw ball, Kho-kho, Badminton, Cricket, Hand ball etc., During this year courts are being laid to play Tennis, Football, Handball, 200 Mts. Track including practice nets for Cricket. Provision is there for athletics such as long jump, high jump, broad jump, disc throw, shotput, javelin throw etc. Physical Directors with M.P.Ed. qualification and PETs with B.P.Ed. qualification are on the rolls to train the children. Every year Inter House competitions are held to provide an opportunity for all the students to participate in sports and games and to develop sportsmanship and team spirit.

Basket Ball: Sri Viswasanthi endeavors are treasured by the players and coaches.

Volley Ball: Sri Viswasanthi maintains immaculate balance with Sports and Education.

Cricket: Viswasanthi Premier League (VPL). Wow! Cricket your position in the field of sports is truly envious.

Kho-Kho: High Calibure, Impeccable performance will definitely win trophies for their Houses.

Tennis: Champions in the making Demonstrating True Sportsmanship

Foot Ball: The Agile players with their energetic display of skills.

Skating: Our skaters feeling the light breeze through their hair. Skating provides Cardio Vascular Fitness.

Hand Ball: Players in action

Badminton: P.V. Sindhu’s and Gopi Chand’s in the making

Soft Ball: Success is sweetest when won

Kabbadi: The raiders and defenders in action

Throw Ball: Stalwarts bringing name and fame to the school


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