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Education is the most powerful weapon provides a chance to change the world

Sri Viswasanthi Educational Society has taken its roots at Vuyyuru in 1975 as a registered society under the societies registration act XXI of 1860 with a great vision, mission and passion of Mrs & Mr. Madala Subrahmanyeswara Rao. Sri Viswasanthi School came into existence at Gandigunta Village with a modest strength of 7 students on 22.02.1975. It is the first English Medium School in rural area of Krishna District, now the institution has grown in Leaps and bounds with children from 23 states with a motto “Education and Discipline”.

Our Vision & Mission:

The vision and mission of Sri Viswasanthi is to provide a holistic education to make every child into unique personality is paying us rich dividends. So that we can proudly say that the product of Sri Viswasanthi can be accepted for what they are. Sri Viswasanthi achieved a lot in these four decades and lot more to achieve. We at Sri Viswasanthi believe that adequate exposure to life’s school adds these extra dimensions to the child’s personality no classroom can offer. Achievement of these goals and implementation of innovative strategies is our mission. Our school emblem consists of flying pigeon with a twig in it’s beak, a symbol of peace and spreading the peace throughout the globe.

Our motto is “Education – Discipline” i.e., to foster self discipline through complete education and to mould the student to face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Founders and Directors of Viswasanthi:

Late Smt. Madala Prameela Rani

She was the founder of the institution, a simple, modest woman whose vision, commitment and service for thirty five years transformed the school into the centre for knowledge and temple of learning for excellence.

Sri Madala Subramanyeswara Rao

He is the Chairman of Sri Viswasanthi Educational Institutions, a visionary, a philanthropist with blended capacities both in academics and administration is the nucleus of this organization.

Rivalry between the organizations is good as long as they concentrate on character building in a healthy atmosphere. But is it happening that way? While a selected few are labouring their way in achieving the goals, many more are only run on commercial lines with the ulterior motive of making money. Establishing various branches rearing mushroom culture at the cost of the character of the pupils. Private gain is targeted at the cost of public good. Here in Sri Viswasanthi we lend a human touch in Education. We are loyal to the field of Education.

The support of the Directors’ to various activities in the Institutions helped Sri Viswasanthi Educational Institutions to reach new heights. The Directors’ meticulous planning, whole hearted efforts to implement innovative methods of teaching and learning and constant monitoring elevated the school from District to National and International levels.

Schools and Colleges run by the Society:

The Society established three schools and one Junior College. They are

  • Sri Viswasanthi E.M. High School (Recognised by the Govt. of A.P)

  • Viswasanthi E.M. High School (Senior Secondary Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)

  • MPRM Sri Viswasanthi Day School (Recognized by Govt. of A.P)(Sri Madala Prameela Rani Memorial)

  • MPRM Sri Viswasanthi Junior College (Co-ed) Affiliated to BIE, A.P Hyderabad – College Code 25318.


To live & lead a Good and Healthy life Greenary is very important. With the help of green environment we can easily take a clean and fresh air. By getting this fresh air by breath our whole internal system of our body will function without strain. Away from the maddening crowds, lush, sprawling GREEN CAMPUS. A Heaven on the earth is Our Sri Viswasanthi’ the dream, ideal school every parent and child would aspire. In this increasing concrete jungle of cities, planting more and more trees in the surroundings has become a vital need. This tree planting campaign / Go Green campaign in the campus was taken up in the year 1998 by the most ‘Made for Each other couple.

Smt & Sri Madala Prameela Subrahmanyeswara Rao. The whole campus is ducked off with the theme of ‘Green is Peace’. As we step inside the campus we feel the smile and heart-ful welcome of Greenery. Every Flora and Fauna we see, make us to remember of Late. M. Prameela Rani. Her Hardwork since 1975 made Viswasanthi this much stronger, Every foundation stone remembers her, we see her in every childs smile. Every student, staff, parent, relative and people who knows her feel the pain as they enter the campus. Viswasanthi means not the structure but the people and Greenery in it.

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